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There is more than 900 state, municipal, non state, educational institutions of different types and kinds and also educational departments of organizations, conducting professional training on the territory of the region.

There are 29 institutions of secondary professional education (including branches), 9 of which are non state, including 2 Secondary Special Academic Institutions (SSAI) and 7 branches (Appendix 4) in the region. There are about 13,21 thousand students, 12,2 thousand students are educated in state educational institutions, 10 thousand students are educated in non state institutions. About 61,9% pay for their education. In SSAI is about 55,8%. There is 65,7% students of full time education, 34,3% of correspondent and full time -correspondent education.

Training of specialists is conducted on 59 directions. The prevalent is training on humanitarian and social directions, educational ones, health care, culture and art (32%), economy and management (24%). About 44% cover the other directions, including industrial ones (14%), transport exploitation (9.9%).

41 institutions of higher professional education are registered in the region, among them 39 institutions function: 24 state ones (2 Institutes of Higher Education, 16 branches, 6 representatives of Institutes of Higher Education) and 15 non state (2 Institutes, 12 branches and 1 representative).

34.9 thousand people study there, including:

- full time education (about 13,45 thousand people (10,3 thousand people are in state institutions, 3.15 thousand people are in non state ones);

- correspondent education (21,45 thousand people (13,35 thousand people. и 8,1 thousand people accordingly).

About 10.8 (31%) thousand people study free of charge, they are financed by Federal budget, 24.1 (69%) thousand people pay for their education. Training is conducted on 88 directions and specialties. Prevalent is the training on humanitarian, economical and law directions.


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