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The Murmansk region is situated within the borders of several landscape areas: tundra, forest tundra, mountain tundra and taiga. The largest part of the region is not inhabited. 73% of its territory is occupied by forests and tundra, there are 21 thousand rivers and 111 thousand lakes here. Ponds of the region are rich in fish: Atlantic salmon, trout, bulltrout, loach and etc. About 20 % of territory are covered with woods.

In the west and in the center of the Kola Peninsula numerous mountain ranges are situated. There are 4 reserves, 10 game reserves, 52 memorials of nature and botanic garden in the Peninsula. A the same time here is developed industrial region, the only Northern unfrozen port. North is unique, interesting and original, this uniqueness attracts tourists.

There are no more 6 thousand of fihermen, using fishing rod in the world. The fifth part of it every year comes to the rivers of the Kola Peninsula in order to catch the biggest salmon, and then let it away as it is not catch but enemy and victim can be gained in fair fight. Salmon fishery is the visit card of the tourism of the Kola Peninsula.

Pechenga district is situated at the board with Northern Norway. There is point of joint of boards of three countries - Norway, Finland and Russia - Muotkavarra. Here will take place annual "Ski track of friendship". About 5 thousand skiers, sportsmen and amateurs of three country will go 12 km of routs, which goes through three boarders. This splendid holiday became the symbol of friendship and sport of countries of the Barents region.

Murmansk is a modern city with well-developed infrastructure. There are several hotels here: "Polyarnye Zory", "Arctic", "Meridian", "Ogni Murmanska". There are also restaurants, bars, casinos and discos.

Travelling on the map of the Kola Peninsula we should stay in the town of Kirovsk, as there ai very good mountain ski resort. The season of skiing in Khibiny lasts from November to May, there are different types of routs for skiers of different levels.

The Murmansk region is ideal place for the amateurs of extreme rest. Alp tours, tours for rock climbers, rally "ArcticTrofy", mineralogical tours Е

What is attractive in the south of the Kola Peninsula? Town of Kandalaksha is a port, but on the coast of the White Sea. Marine excursion on the Kandalaksha bay of the White Sea and underwater excursion with aqualung allow to see maritime animals in the water and on land. There is wooden church in the ancient Pomor village Kovda and stone labirinths are in the district of Guba M. Pitkullya

Let us talk about Umba. Four millenniums ago ancestors of modern Saami made petroglyphs on the stone, created stone "vavilons". There is marvelous memorial of architecture of 1674 year, Uspenskaya church, which acts in present.

There are 10 fishing camps for Russian and foreign tourists on the Tersk coast. The season of salmon spawning is the longest here: from the beginning of June till the end of October. Varzuga is the only place in Europe where people can see hunting for white whales. Foreign tourists observe it from helicopter.


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