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Health Care

The Murmansk region takes the first places on some medical and demographic indicators (low level of mortality rate of children, significant reduction of level of diphtheria, epidemic parotitis, whooping cough, and lack on the territory of the region of measles and poliomyelitis).

Sickness rate of the population of the region exceeds average indicators in Russia. Conditions of the Far North are not quite favorable for the health of population, that is quite topical, proceeding from the difficult economical situation in the country, growth of social tension, ecological ill being.

Specific complex of climate conditions of the Kola North consists of unfavorable wind and temperature regime, relief of the region, photoperiodicity, high magnetic activity and humidity, frequent changes of atmosphere pressure. It is active in the appearance of syndrome of "polar tension" of organism with changes of biochemical processes in cells that leads to changes of functional activity of cells of immune system and than leads to deficit of immune. Changes of red haemopoiesis play an important role in formation of northern hypoxik syndrome.

All the above mentioned together with lack of vitamins and their poor assimilability during the Polar Night is the general background for all physiological and pathological processes going in the organism.

Besides that unfavorable tendencies in health condition and sickness rate on the North are determined by present social and economical conditions of life.


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