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Polar Olympiad is international sport festival

Physical training and Sport on the Kola Peninsula is one of the best kind of outdoor activity helping people to keep high vitality and vivacity.

The main sport event in Zapolyarye is traditional Festival of the North, this holiday has started in March of 1934. It is getting more popular and its program is getting more interesting. Polar Olympiad is famous not only in our country but also abroad.

Final stages of 70th Festival of the North took place in 7 towns and districts of the region with the participation of more than 3000 sportsmen on 18 kinds of sport. There were more than 25 thousand spectators.

Culmination of the North Festival is Murmansk international maraphone on the program of Eoropean Cup of Ski maraphones "EUROLOPPET", Maraphone Cup of Russia "RUSSIALOPPET" and Championship of RLLS

Different kinds of sport are included in the program of the Festival of the North. They are ski racing, biathlon, figure skating, hockey with puck and with ball, ski double event, racing on deer team, winter swimming, ice racing by cars in Murmansk, mountain skiing, freestyle, winter winter sport, trampoline in Kirovsk, skating in Olenegorsk, winter windsurfing, competitions on sport fishery in the Kola district.

Within the conduction of the Festival of the North were conducted official Championships and Cups of Russia on natural route, ski alpinism, rock climbing on artificial relief, ice racing be cars, which took place in 7 towns of the city.

Match between the teams 'OLATOM' - 'SPARTAK' (veterans) Moscow

In 1970 the Festival of the North was put into international calendar. On the North sport routs it is possible to meet representatives of Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Czechia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the USA, Southern Korea and the other countries. Marathon racing (50 km) is of great popularity.

Competition "Luzhnya Zovet" helps citizens to rest in wintertime. Murmansk is the winner for a long time.

New king of sport - kiting

A lot of sportsmen of the Murmansk region are well known for fans of sport. The world champion on biathlon became Petr Miloradov in 1983. Valery Ziganov took part several times in competitions of World Cup, was the winner of one of its stage, participator of two Olympic games, 10th champion on mountain skiing.

Champions of the USSR on mountain skiing Leonid Melnikov and Igor Kordiako, champion of winter Olympic games Lubov Mukhacheva (ski racing), twice prize winner of Olympic games Valery Kirienko (biathlon), world champion and champion of the Europe Lubov Panutina (nature route), winner of stages of the World cup and Championship of Europe and Russia Almaz Gismeev (kickboxing) and the others are well known.


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