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Address: Lenina Avenue 1, Apatity, The Murmansk region, 184209, Russia
Tel. (815-55) 7-71-01.
Fax (815-55) 7-64-95.
E-mail: madm@aprec.ru
Web-site: www.apatity-city.ru

Chief magistrate of Apatity is Antropov Michail Vasily
The status of the founding of the town Apatity got on 7th of July of 1966. The population of the town is about 68,3 thousand people (7% of the population of the Murmansk region)

Apatity is an industrial and scientific centre. The main enterprises are Apatite nepheline concentrating plant PC "Apatite", plant on production of materials for radio electronics " Northern Crystals", Murmansk geological and exploring expedition, PC "Apatity dairy plant" and etc.

Apatity is the town of the scientific intelligence of the region. There are 9 institutes of the Kola scientific centre of the Russian Academy of Science. The centre unites several research institutes and has departments and bases in different parts of the area. The main directions of developments are geological structure of the Kola Peninsula and the other northern parts of Russia, development of bases of rational usage of natural resources of the North, saving of the environment. In these spheres scientists have cooperation with scientists from the Barents region, Western Europe and the USA.

Visitors of the town are attracted by the international skiing competition, which is conducted on the steep slopes of the Khibiny Mountains. Is summer the Khibiny Mountains are the splendid place for walking holiday.

There are some very interesting museums in Apatity, among them can be named such institutions as `The Kola Science Centre Museum of Geology, the Salma Art Gallery, The Museum of History and Assimilation of the North.


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