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Address: Zhertv Interventsiy Square, Ostrovnoy, the Murmansk region, 184640
Tel./Fax: 5-00-08, 5-00-12, 5-00-14.
E-mail: office@gremih.mels.ru

The head of the town is Rodzina Vera Mikhailovna

In 1938 the Gremikha village appeared close to Yokanga navy base. In this area in 1960s the Ostrovnoy village appeared and the infrastructure of the region started to develop. Submariners of the Flotilla made a lot of for the development of marine power of the country.

The territory of the town of Ostrovnoy is washed by the Barents and the White Seas.

In the period of active building (60-70s) on the territory of the Kola Peninsula the power strategic military base of the Northern Fleet was created. It is the only unfreezing port of the Kola Peninsula, which has the outlet to the Arctic Ocean.

There is no industrial production in the town.

Proceeding from the geographical position Ostrovnoy the motor shi "Klavdiya Elanskaya" is the only connecting link between Murmansk and Arkhangelsk. Ostrovnoy rents this motor ship at PC 'Murmansk Shipping Company".


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