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Address: Sivko St., 1, Polyarnye Zory, 184230, the Murmansk region
Tel:: 6-41-71 (Fax)., 7-13-13, 6-42-77, 6-40-09 (Fax).
E-mail: polzori@com.mels.ru
Web-site: www.zori.ru

Chief magistrate of Polyarnye Zory is Goncharenko Vladimir Lukich

The town of Polyarnye Zory was founded in 1991, before this it was a small working village. It is the youngest town in the Murmasnk region. The number of population is 21,5 thousand people (2,2 % of the population of the Murmansk region). On the territory, within the jurisdiction of the town are two villages (Aphricanda and Zasheek).

The main branch of the industry is electrical power. It is presented by the Kola nuclear plant, situated on the bank of the Imandra lake. The first current was produced in 1973, the second bloc was put into the operation in 1974. It is the first nuclear plant on the Kola North. The town of Polyarye Zory is open for the cooperation and tourism development. There are some hotels, the developed ski mountain route, the ski mountain complex, and the swimming pool, the Centre of the Youth Leisure "Batiskaph". Here the annual ski competitions are conducted.


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