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Address: Shkolniy alley, 1, Zaozersk, the Murmansk region
Tel. (815 56) 3-15-00.
Fax (815 56) 3-15-01.
E-mail: zaozersk@murmansk.net
Web-сайт: zaozersk.mirra.ee

The chief of administration is Vorobjev Boris Gennadjevich

In 1958 the settlement was formed here, which was called Zaozerny village, it was made with the aim of creation of base for the nuclear underwater fleet in order to strengthen our Northern sea borders. In 1959 the first Soviet nuclear submarine K-3 entered to new base "Zapadnaya Litsa", later this submarine was called "Leninsky Komsomol".

Zaozyorsk is situated in 120 кm from Murmansk. Severe climate with changeable temperatures and strong winds, long Polar Night in winter (about 43 days), a lot of rivers, streams and lakes, rocky ground, swamps, remoteness of the town from the other towns distinguish Zaozyorsk from the other districts of the Far North.

There are 113 enterprises, organisations and institutions of different forms of property, including 14 of state property and 32 municipal ones.

The population of the town is about 18.3 thousand people.

The main part of the population is occupied with military activity, a lot of people work at state enterprises of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and at municipal enterprises. At present about 30 small enterprises work in the town.

There are 12 educational institutions, including three secondary comprehensive schools, three kindergartens, children's sport school, the Centre of children and youth.


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