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Administrative-territorial system
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Address: Lenina St., 100, Gadzhievo, Skalisty, the Murmansk region, 184670
Tel. 46-034, 46-029.

E-mail: scaladm@murmansk.net

The head of the town is Musatyan Vladimir Ashotovich

The peculiarities of the economy of the town and the outlooks of its development:

  • The main part of the active population is presented by military people;
  • The industry is not well developed, the enterprise of state and municipal form of property exist;
  • Some small commercial enterprises and individual entrepreneurs function on the territory of the town;
  • There is low budget provision with own finances;
  • The decrease of the number of labour resources connecting with military reform and development of the program of resettlement from the districts of the Far North;
  • The investment of the social and cultural and housing spheres of the economy;
  • The development of the private part of the economy due to increase of number of small enterprises;
  • The increase of the budget provision by the own means due to increase of taxes, effective usage of municipal property.


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