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Address of administration: Dzerzhinskogo St., Umba, the Murmansk region, 184700
Tel: 5-29-92
E-mail: umbamurman@com.mels.ru

The head of the town is Shevelev Leonid Vasiljevich.

Umba is the administrative centre of the Tersky district.

The Tersky district is situated in the south part of the Murmasnk region. The total number of population is about 8.2 thousand people. Within the Tersky administrative district are the villages of Chavanga, Chapoma, Tetrino, Varzuga, Kuzomen and the other settlements.

The district has good climate conditions in comparison with the other districts of the region. Its land can be used in agricultural sphere.

The main enterprises on the territory of the district are the fishery farms, the fishing breeding plant and timber industry plant.

Different mineral resources are also present on the territory of the district, but they are not quite developed, except some deposits of granite and amethyst and kaolin.


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