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Address: Sovetskaya St., 10, Lovozero.
Tel: 31-308.
E-mail: lovozero@aprec.ru

The head of the town is Natalya Ryabchikova.

The village of Lovozero is the administrative district of the Lapps, the indigenous people on the Kola Peninsula. The first settlements were founded here in the 16th century.

In spite of modern economical issues the Lovozero district preserves its social, cultural and economical structure. There are 18 educational institutions, the central district House of Culture, the national cultural centre, village clubs, the centralised library system, the department of culture and life of indigenous people of the Kola North of the Murmasnk Local Lore Museum, children art school, hospitals and etc.

Different national festivals are conducted here every year, such as Day of deer breeder, International Saami day and etc.

The population of the district is about 12 613 people.

The largest enterprise is the Lovozero Mining and Ore-Separating Industrial Complex, which is situated in the village of Revda. Transport infrastructure of the district is not well developed.

The leading branch of the economy of the district is agriculture, it is presented by two agricultural farms "tundra" and "Olenevod". The main activity is deer breeding.

The Lovozero district with its rich natural resources, salmon rovers, lakes, unique reserve places is quite perspective for the tourism development.

Tourists can visit in the village the Lovozero Museum of Culture and Way of Life of the Minority Peoples of the North and the Museum of Lapp Literature.


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